October 24, 2016
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Development services for Maximo projects worldwide
One-stop solution center for Maximo projects in CIS

Development services for Maximo projects worldwide

Now the benefits of offshore development are available to the Maximo world. Wherever your Maximo project is located, we encourage you to take advantage of Maximo development and customization services delivered by our expert team of Maximo consultants and developers.

Our presence both in Russia and the U.S. allows for delivery model flexibility:
  • Off-site model: we augment your implementation team with our Maximo consultants and developers working out of Moscow-based offshore development center.
  • On-site model: our English-speaking Maximo consultants and developers work on-site together with your own implementation team.
  • Combined model: our Maximo consultants work on-site, in coordination with the off-site Maximo developers.
Our specific areas of expertise include:
  • Maximo solution design.Our Maximo consultants work with your team to analyze the business requirements and map it to the Maximo platform in the optimal way, identifying the exact requirements for Maximo configuration and customization.
  • Maximo customization.With a 18-year track record in the IT field and tens of successful Maximo implementations, we are proud to employ some of the most skilled Maximo developers in the world. Whether it's an ordinary configuration, or a complex brand new application involving hardcore Java/J2EE development, whether it is Maximo 6 and 7, expect efficient delivery and quality results.
  • Maximo custom report development.Our Maximo development team includes BIRT, Actuate and Crystal Reports experts to handle this probably most common Maximo customization task.
  • Maximo data migration.This essential Maximo implementation task involves development of custom scripts to consolidate, normalize and cleanse your source data, then load it into the Maximo system. The scripts allow migrating the data as many times as needed, thereby enabling dry / parallel runs in a realistic environment, before going live with Maximo.
  • Maximo integration.We integrate your Maximo system with the rest of your IT ecosystem using Maximo Enterprise Adapter (MEA), other integration middleware, or custom-built integration adapters.
  • Maximo version upgrade.We provide services for upgrading Maximo 4.x, 5.x and 6.x implementations to Maximo 7.
  • Maximo solution support.Support for your Maximo solution is provided by our English-speaking CSR's out of our Moscow-based customer support center.
If you need skilled Maximo resources for your project, or looking to get more out of your Maximo project budget, consider Bellwood Systems. And feel free to ask IBM Tivoli team directly about our expertise and performance.

One-stop solution center for Maximo projects in Russia / CIS / Baltics

Whether your company is based in the region, or you are a global company looking to deploy Maximo at a new site in Russia / CIS / Baltics, you can rely on Bellwood Systems as your partner in this territory.

Our products and services include:
  • Maximo software licenses. We are IBM Premier Business Partner and an authorized reseller IBM Tivoli Automation software and IBM Maximo Asset Management software.
  • Maximo localization kits. Russian language localization kits are available for Maximo 5, 6 and 7 (our Maximo 7 kit augments IBM's off-the-shelf localization with Russian reports). If you need support for other local languages, please inquire.
  • Region-specific Maximo extensions.
    • Maximo customizations, such as Russia/CIS-specific reports (for example "Naryad-Dopusk" work permit).
    • Data, such as Russia/CIS-specific equipment classifiers and failure codes.
    • Multi-site replication module (for multi-site deployments over poor / unreliable communication lines).
    • Emergency Event Notification module.
  • Region-specific Maximo integration adapters, available for
    • Accounting software, including adapter for ubiquitous 1C accounting package.
    • Work and cost estimation software, including adapter for GrandSmeta package.
    • Local SCADA systems.
    • Local 3D modeling and document management software.
    • Power grid operator's system.
  • Full-cycle Maximo implementation services. Our project portfolio includes some of the largest implementations of Maximo (and EAM in general) in the region. From business process analysis and optimization, through Maximo solution design, development, testing, deployment, and achievement analysis, we are ready to work with you through the entire Maximo implementation cycle. In the process we rely both on IBM's "classic" implementation methodology for EAM and on our own MAXXEL implementation methodology, which is focused on gradual, iterative delivery of result via a series of measurable "quick wins".
  • Maximo training services. Serving as the Maximo training center for the region is one of our responsibilities as the Center of Competence. Both IBM's standard Maximo courses and customer-tailored courses are available. Courses can be delivered in Russian or English.
  • Maximo product support. As the Center of Competence, we provide the first line of support for Maximo software in Russian and English to Maximo clients in the region.
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